3 PR Myths You Should Never Believe

Like any industry, the public relations field has its own misconceptions that its good-standing professionals fight everyday to disprove in the public eye. Whether the media is to blame for its tendency to highlight the not-so-good side of things, or someone's bad experience, these myths not only harm the reputation of the public relations field, it also causes business owners to … Continue reading 3 PR Myths You Should Never Believe

Quick Read: Finish Strong 2016

  It's 4th Quarter people! A little less than half of October, November, and December. That's all we have left and then its goodbye to 2016. If you know like I do, you had better be making the most of it. These last few months of the year are the figurative legs the first 3 … Continue reading Quick Read: Finish Strong 2016

5 Ways For Your Brand to Stand Out

Congratulations!! You have successfully established your brand in the marketplace and garnered outside attention. But like ANY relationship, the one between you and that audience is going to require regular maintenance in order for it to thrive. So if you've been in a slump, or just looking for ways to keep things exciting, check out these tips … Continue reading 5 Ways For Your Brand to Stand Out