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Crisis Communications – Hurricane Harvey: 3 Lessons Learned

No matter your organization's size, knowing how to respond in a crisis should be a main priority. For this month's #mashblog I delve into 3 ways your small business can be prepared for their own crisis based off the recent events surrounding tropical storm Harvey. 1. Always remain in charge of your narrative  The onset of … Continue reading Crisis Communications – Hurricane Harvey: 3 Lessons Learned

CoverGirl Disses Young Thug? New Raising Cane’s Shows Out|Brand Love #1

It has been entirely too long, but I'm back with the jump off! Kicking off my FAVORITE season with a BANGGG, I'd like to introduce a new series called "Brand Love" where I will be highlighting brands and companies that catch my eye with their messaging. I will try to do one local company, … Continue reading CoverGirl Disses Young Thug? New Raising Cane’s Shows Out|Brand Love #1

3 PR Myths You Should Never Believe

Like any industry, the public relations field has its own misconceptions that its good-standing professionals fight everyday to disprove in the public eye. Whether the media is to blame for its tendency to highlight the not-so-good side of things, or someone's bad experience, these myths not only harm the reputation of the public relations field, it also causes business owners to … Continue reading 3 PR Myths You Should Never Believe

Santa for Seniors: A Recap

  An idea turned into reality ...And on December 18th we hosted our first charity drive, Santa for Seniors. With the help of my AMAZING cousin, Kristie, founder of the non profit female empowerment group, Head Turners Ent., we collected blankets, pajamas, books, movies & lots more, all for old people! The concept of Santa for … Continue reading Santa for Seniors: A Recap

My Top 5 Online Resources (FREE!!)

  Seriously don't know what I'd do with out these AWESOMELY FREE online resources! Here are some of my FAVORITE websites for curating content, creating graphics, and keeping up with the competition. 😉 Canva Create the most beautiful social media & blog graphics for FREE. Channel your inner graphic designer with Canva, love love Canva.  … Continue reading My Top 5 Online Resources (FREE!!)

Quick Read: Finish Strong 2016

  It's 4th Quarter people! A little less than half of October, November, and December. That's all we have left and then its goodbye to 2016. If you know like I do, you had better be making the most of it. These last few months of the year are the figurative legs the first 3 … Continue reading Quick Read: Finish Strong 2016

5 Ways For Your Brand to Stand Out

Congratulations!! You have successfully established your brand in the marketplace and garnered outside attention. But like ANY relationship, the one between you and that audience is going to require regular maintenance in order for it to thrive. So if you've been in a slump, or just looking for ways to keep things exciting, check out these tips … Continue reading 5 Ways For Your Brand to Stand Out


I recently posted on our Facebook page about the value in conducting informational interviews. I love using this career tactic to dig deeper and expand my network. For me, informational interviews are all the rave, but maybe that's just me. That got me thinking: not enough people are using this amazing tool to their advantage! Traditionally, informational interviews help job seekers and potential … Continue reading #PickABrain

Networking Made Easier

The bombardment of names, faces & cards can make networking very overwhelming for anyone. How are you supposed to stand out in the clutter and establish your brand? My advice is to get organized!  Start doing your homework on current and prospective business,  down to the personal details. Use a spreadsheet to keep up with … Continue reading Networking Made Easier