3 PR Myths You Should Never Believe

Like any industry, the public relations field has its own misconceptions that its good-standing professionals fight everyday to disprove in the public eye.

Whether the media is to blame for its tendency to highlight the not-so-good side of things, or someone’s bad experience, these myths not only harm the reputation of the public relations field, it also causes business owners to make costly mistakes when they could have hired someone.

I asked a few of Houston’s leading public relations professionals, whom I admire, what myths they come across most often while dealing with clients, in hopes to clear up those pesky rumors and make life easier for everyone. 🙂


MYTH #1: It’s always glamorous

as-1 The glitz and glamour of public relations tends to be exaggerated.

There are lots of details that go into those extravagant red carpet events, and our job’s rely on it being a success. From making sure the right people meet the right people, to communicating with the media all night, we are working the entire time and it can be anything but glamorous.

Outside of organizing promotional events, we put in countless hours building campaigns, sending emails and making phone calls that turn into real opportunities for our clients to grow their business.

Simply put, we are business people that specialize in communication.



 MYTH #2: It’s all about putting a”spin” on the news story


I knew the stigma was real when even my mother told me the negative impression society had on her perception of the public relations field.


Me listening to my mom’s madness

In reality, it’s not always about having your business on TV or in the news for us. Plus with all the research us credible pros do on a daily basis, who needs to pitch a bogus news story anyway?

A lot of times I’m actually working alongside my clients to develop strategic partnerships or collaborating on ways we can engage and grow their audience.

This calculated, long-term planning lends itself to lucrative opportunities and press when done correctly.

MYTH #3: It’s a quick fix


The biggest PR myth is that it’s easy.

Easy like anyone can do it, or that getting press is a matter of who you know. Or, my personal favorite; we don’t really do anything at all.


Public relations is not a microwave, instant gratification type of industry.

It takes time for our media contacts to see us as trusted sources, and even then, not every one of your company’s updates gets coverage.

What the media does decide to cover depends on a multitude of things, that an experienced professional can not only prepare for, but maximize $$$ on.

In the meantime, help us implement new ideas, keep communication open, and include us on decisions that directly affect how we do our jobs, and watch dynamic this relationship becomes.



Proper representation of your company in the public is an ongoing task that is best done with an experienced person in your corner. It can be a rewarding journey, but it will take work. If you have let the “myths” of PR deter you from reaching out to a professional for help with your company’s image, I hope this post helps you gain a better understanding of what we are really about.

Let me know that industry misconceptions plague your business and how you overcome them below & thanks for reading!

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