5 Ways For Your Brand to Stand Out

Congratulations!! You have successfully established your brand in the marketplace and garnered outside attention.

But like ANY relationship, the one between you and that audience is going to require regular maintenance in order for it to thrive.

So if you’ve been in a slump, or just looking for ways to keep things exciting, check out these tips for strengthening your brand and engaging your audience.


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Believe it or not, your brand deserves a blog. Only so much information can be communicated through traditional marketing and social media.

Take advantage of this easy, cost-effective way to drive traffic to your site.

Offer tips and solutions for using your product or delve deeper and share the story behind your brand. No matter what industry you are in, there are opportunities to explore a variety of topics your audience can find useful-all it takes is a  little creativity.

Need some inspiration?  50 Blog Ideas for Your Business Blog


A sketch from a motions graphic video I’m working on

Go Behind the Scenes

Beautiful photos of finished projects and big events are great, but there lies value in letting your audience see the inner workings, and sometimes imperfections, of your company.

Fun, light-hearted, BTS shots of the planning that goes into big events or projects is a great way to dabble in the trend of behind the scenes marketing. Today people want to feel a connection with your brand, kind of like they are in on something or that they know a secret. Start a conversation with your audience when you play into this fascination in your own unique way.

Mapex Drums Digs DeepMapex Drums BTS Marketing




Text is cool, photos rock, but with the ever-growing popularity of video, it’s practically a no-brainer that you should find a way to incorporate it into your marketing toolkit.

Put a face to the brand. Dance. Ask questions to your audience. Add music. Experiment and show results.

Sky’s the limit, but keep in mind: Content should be of good quality and entertain or help.

20 Ideas to Get You StartedHow To Use Video in Your Marketing


Courtesy of clipartkid

Interact Thoughtfully

I  get it: you’ve got a great product or service and the world should know and love it. But face it, as awesome as your brand is, it alone is hardly ever the focus of constant attention.

Consumers continue to gravitate towards authenticity and have a keen sense of detecting when a brand is not keeping it real with them.

Don’t  be the brand that never interacts.

Stay abreast in current events and industry trends, look for moments to draw your audience in with thoughtful rhetoric or interesting, informative news.

Wondering how? Engage Your Audience On Social Media 


I saved this tip for last because it hits home.

giphy (1).gif

Courtesy of giphy.com

As an entrepreneur, a citizen to society, and a million other things; it is so easy for me to get caught up in just completing the work itself and forgoing activities that will keep my brand relevant in the long run.

Well, enough is enough. Consistency in your brand to takes proper planning and killer execution on your end.

There are plenty of resources, on and offline, to help stay organized and on top of your goals.

A Word On Consistency:The Importance of Consistency in Online Marketing

Get & Stay OrganizedTools for Content Marketing


Don’t be afraid to be hands-on, tell a story and engage your audience. 

Have a success story about your marketing strategy? Tell me what worked for you in the comments below.

– B

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