Networking Made Easier

The bombardment of names, faces & cards can make networking very overwhelming for anyone. How are you supposed to stand out in the clutter and establish your brand?

My advice is to get organized!  Start doing your homework on current and prospective business,  down to the personal details.

Use a spreadsheet to keep up with the important details of clients, mentors, and peers. This will make communication seamless & keep you relevant in your circle.

Information such as professional clubs/organizations memberships, hobbies/interests, even the number of children a person has  can be used to forge a meaningful bond over time.

Check out the example below:


My uncompleted Who’s Who Excel document


Think about how thoughtful  a prospective client will be to know you remembered their birthday, or the impact a simple thank you could be to the organizer of a conference you’ve attended.

Taking advantage of these seemingly small opportunities to reinforce who you are not only as businessperson, but a human, and you will reap the benefits that come with fostering genuine relationships.


Take-away: Don’t be afraid to do some research, a network is not built in a day. Have some patience with yourself & be confident. With enough commitment your network can become your strongest asset.

Forbes shares more helpful tips for nurturing your network:

Source: Simple Ways To Keep Your Network From Growing Cold – Forbes

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